October 2020 Update 1

Claire Millward
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October update post

The Finka Token team is excited to report that notwithstanding the global events of the year, 2020 has been exciting and promising for the La Pradera ranch as well as the Finka Token itself. 

Firstly, we are pleased to let you know about the following developments, which position La Pradera as a head above the rest: 

·      Whilst Q2 saw a record birthing of 495 calves between March and May 2020., Q3 and Q4 are poised to increment 900 additional calves at the current birthing rate

·      Following a strong Q2, our production capacity in breeding cows has increased by 40% as measured by the number of heifers and breeding cows.

·      A breed improvement program was signed with Tres Cruces, the leading breeder of prime Brangus beef in Argentina, making La Pradera the first source of reproduction animals in Bolivia.

·      Bolivia received the international certification as free of Mad Cow Disease and Foot and Mouth Disease opening Bolivia’s cattle industry to world markets, specially China.

·      La Pradera has initiated certification process for export, which should be received by the end of the year

We are hugely excited to by pioneering the future of finance, converging a traditional, predictable asset with the latest financial technology. We are proud to be paving the way for digital assets globally. We’re also excited about the recognition we’ve received regarding our digital asset; and the fact that CV VC has added us to their digital assets portfolio has been a tremendous milestone. 

Investors in the Finka Token are not only are they investing in cattle ranching as an asset class; but they are investing in the future of finance: and will be part of the transformation of traditional investing. For the very first time, retail investors from any approved jurisdiction have the opportunity to invest in cattle ranching as an asset class in Bolivia. We’ve democratized this asset, and hope that our innovation will be copied and used for other assets such as land, gold, property etc. 

What are the key benefits of investing in Finka Tokens?

·      The diversification from traditional investments

·      Tangible, underlying asset

·      Financial impact beyond ESG

·      Annual return of 5-8% to be paid to token-holders

·      Retail investor access

·      Token is not subject to Swiss withholding tax

·      Compliant with Swiss and Bolivian Regulation

·      Lower friction and costs due to elimination of intermediaries

·      Token investors have access to visiting the La Pradera ranch, and the opportunity to experience Cattle Ranching firsthand

·      The visit is free of charge, with the only cost being transportation to and from the ranch

·      Other than free accommodation, horses are provided for investors to roam the ranch along with the cowboys managing the herd (subject to availability)

·      Visitors enjoy pristine natural pastures, spring water and tropical weather in a unique setting. Activities include horseback riding, cattle herding, and an unforgettable cowboy / cowgirl experience with our actual cowboys

·      As opportunities arise, existing token holders will have early access to invest in the new cattle operations

·      The early access will translate in a discounted investment into future operations effectively increasing the yield of the investment

We look forward to welcoming you – a potential investor – onto the ranch! Join our circle of investors, as we pioneer the future of finance with digital assets; and democratize investments as the world knows them. Get in touch with our team directly at info@finka.ch, or click “buy token” on the site if you would like to purchase tokens!