The Future of Finance

Carlos H. Fernandez Mazzi
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Welcome to the Finka website and to our blog! The aim of the blog is to keep readers personally abreast of our activities, and to inform and give valuable insights on various topics relating to crypto and the future of finance.

Finka GmbH was established in Zug, Switzerland, with the vision to become of becoming a relevant player in the evolving crypto finance space. At Finka, we strongly believe that blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt markets: in particular financial markets. We bring 40 years of international business experience to the table and thus are strongly positioned to launch a disruptor!

The crypto euphoria of 2017 meant that the market would eventually reach a correction point. As a result, we saw many initiatives in the space disappearing, with some consolidating and others redefining themselves under new circumstances.

What became obvious to Finka was the power of the underlying technology—blockchain— which, correctly applied, would represent a significant force in the market. Thus, the partners realized that the upcoming application of blockchain would reshape finance. We, therefore, set out to find a compelling case to demonstrate how decentralized ledger technology—DLT—could be used to mobilize financial markets.

After substantial research and brainstorming (along with some of Crypto Valley’s brightest minds), Finka’s focus became simple: to find a tangible real asset and combine it with a crypto financial instrument through innovative financial engineering and the application of blockchain.

Cattle ranching is one of the most natural and proven value creation processes. Why? Natural grass is converted into healthy protein, which in turn has a monetary value on the market. Cattle ranching is a widely understood activity and its value creation process is intuitive—the end product needs no explanation. Furthermore, cattle ranching is a very stable industry, given its predictable costs.

Paradoxically, there are no widespread financial instruments for investments in cattle ranching available to retail investors. Finka’s goal became to create a financial instrument that captured this value-creation and make it accessible to the common investor.

The rest of this blog will contain much personal documentation of the exciting process we have embarked on. Join us as we take you through how we are innovating in the financial space, introducing a new investment, and bringing new technology together with the best players in the Crypto Valley to a new market!