Fixed Income

The Finka Token - an ERC20 token that generates a regular fixed income with predictable returns

Claire Millward
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In a recent Linkedin article, Dr. Johannes Schweifer (Co-Founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG as well as CoreLedger AG) explores the issues of volatility and liquidity inherent in cash and stock-based savings plans.

In a recent Linkedin article, Dr. Johannes Schweifer (Co-Founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG as well as CoreLedger AG) explores the issues of volatility and liquidity inherent in cash and stock-based savings plans. 

“Today, having cash means to be constantly losing money.
 If it’s not inflation in countries like Argentina, then it’s the negative interest rate in countries like Switzerland. Cash is by definition unlikely to appreciate in value, which is why investing in the stock market, or even risky assets, has become a no-brainer for long-term financial growth.”

Dr. Schweifer explains that with cash-based savings, you need to fight inflation, and with equity-based long-term investments, you need to deal with volatility. So – where is the middle ground in finding a stable portfolio? Well, Dr. Schweifer explains the following:

“The oldest industry of mankind combined with #blockchain technology and #tokenization may offer a way to create a stable portfolio.”  

The Finka Token fulfils the above criteria perfectly, and thus provides investors with a way to create a stable portfolio. This is particularly relevant against the backdrop of economic uncertainty against the backdrop of the recent global pandemic. 

Finka Token combines the ancient, stable production activity of cattle ranching with the latest financial technology: Blockchain and the tokenization of assets. 

Why Cattle Ranching?

Cattle ranching is a very novel activity. It is very predictable; revenue streams are stable, and the costs are predictable because it’s mainly grass.
As long as you provide grass to animals, they grow approximately half a kilogram per day. The cost structure does not have any abrupt changes and so your margins each year are very predictable. In that sense, cattle ranching is novel and easy, and simple to understand. 
Also, you can sell one animal in very short time, anywhere in the world – making the asset incredibly liquid!
With cattle ranching as the underlying asset, there are very few variables that can go wrong. 

Converging Cattle Ranching with pioneering financial technology:
As a result of the stability of cattle ranching, we can concentrate on the Crypto side of the Finka token and not have too many variables to worry about in terms of the underlying asset.
Finka Token distributes 100% of the net operating revenue (the top line net operating revenue) each year to the investors. 

Finka Token partners with leaders in the Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland
Our partnerships with leading stakeholders in the Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland, confirms our position as a leader in the Digital Asset space.We hope our innovation will be copied and used for other scarce assets such as land, gold, property, art works etc.

Five years from now, we hope we will look back and be proud of our efforts in paving the way tocreating an investment instrument which overcomes the issues of liquidity and volatility as mentioned by Dr. Schweifer above.

✅Finka Token has been listed on area2invest (The marketplace for Securitised and Tokenised Assets)⠀⠀

✅We’ve obtained our Swiss ISIN number – meaning you can purchase Finka Tokens through your Swiss banker. ISIN / Valor number is: CH0576241092 / 57624109⠀⠀

✅We’ve formed strategic partnerships with CV Labs, Tokengate, GenTwo Financial Products, CoreLedger, Bank Frick, Froriep

We’ve also democratized cattle ranching as an asset class and are paving the way for assets which have traditionally been inaccessible to the common investor, to be a viable investment option for retail investors. We’ve lowered barriers to entry such as minimum investment amount as well as other factors such as needing to be part of a specific fund (traditionally only reserved for the wealthy elite).

In conclusion, the Finka Token is an ERC20 based financial instrument that generates a regular fixed income with predictable returns. We’ve combined an ancient, predictable productive activity and pioneering financial technology to develop an investment option like no other: providing stability, all the while utilizing the latest technology.