The Current Heightened Interest in the Crypto Arena

Claire Millward
finka token blog image

Interest in the Crypto industry is arguably at an all-time high. The current hype confirms that blockchain technology is increasingly becoming more and more prominent. 

The Finka Token is pioneering in the blockchain crypto-asset space, and offers a unique investment option: converging a scarce / ancient productive asset with the latest financial technology.

Phillip Sander (Founder of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Centre) has said:
“If the world is facing a post-pandemic resurgence of inflation, investment in scarce assets –may be a wise hedge. Yet the majority of assets such as real estate, rare artworks or precious metal depots are typically accessible to major investors only.” Read his full articlehere

Finka Tokens entitle investors to their share of the Net Operating Revenue of the La Pradera Cattle Ranch, Bolivia. One could argue that the La Pradera ranch is a scarce asset, given that the land on which the ranch operates is a finite resource.

Finka offers the advantages of blockchain based technology, coupled with the predictable and secure returns of an ancient productive asset – the cattle ranching efforts at La Pradera, Bolivia.

This is ideal for those crypto investors who are looking to spend their returns on currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, or for investors who want to be part of the crypto revolution but aren’t willing to take risks on highly volatile currencies and tokens.

Finka Tokens can be purchased through thearea2invest platform, and potential investors can get in touch directly Finka token can also be clearly identified via its Swiss ISIN / VALOR number: CH0576241092 / 57624109

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