Alternative Assets

Alternative Assets: How to learn more? Where to go and what to listen to

Claire Millward
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Alternative Investments

In a previous blog post, we discussed that Alternative Assets would be more important than ever before in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The way we approach investing will certainly change and investments less correlated to interest rates and GDP such as Security Tokens supported by a real, liquid asset class (i.e. the Finka Token) will be more attractive than ever. 

Secondly, more than ever, there will be a need to increase liquidity in the developing world and this will be made possible through investments such as the Finka Token which allow investors to purchase Finka Tokens and invest in cattle ranching as an asset class (in Bolivia, South America). 

The rise in Social Media and digital communities mean that nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to learn more about topics like alternative investments. It’s also easier than ever to attend events and meetups to discuss and brainstorm. 

We’ve made the effort to find out what to listen to and where to go if you would like to learn more and share in the knowledge of Alternative Investments in Switzerland. 

What to Listen to: Podcasts

Meetup Communities in Switzerland 

Knowledge is power, so it’s crucial to be in the know and to connect with others who could share valuable information about investing alternatively. The Finka team is always here to answer any questions you may have around the Finka Token. Watch this space for more information and insight on how to learn more about alternative investments and Security Tokens.