La Pradera Ranch

Achievements at the La Pradera ranch during Q4 2020

Claire Millward
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Whilst 2020 was a tumultuous year on many different fronts, for Finka Token and the La Pradera ranch, the overriding message was clear: crisis or not, people will always need to eat. 

This means that operations at the La Pradera ranch, and returns on the Finka Token remained stable, and uncorrelated to the events of the rest of the world. We feel this is a strong foundation underpinning the Finka Token and positions our financial instrument as extremely attractive in terms of security and reliability (amongst other factors). 

 Q4 of 2020 was characterized by growth and achievement at the La Pradera Ranch as well as for partnerships between Finka and other significant stakeholders within the Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland. 

At La Pradera, significant progress was marked by the following events:

✅There were 950 calves born. This strong figure is due to the continued implementation of our optimisation plan, which aims to ensure the ranch operates as efficiently as possible

✅We submitted our export certification application, which will allow us to participate in the increased Bolivian beef exports to China

✅Brangus Genetic Improvement: in alliance with Tres Cruces (leading breeder of Prime Brangus Beef in Argentina), the first embryo transfers have taken place. La Pradera ranch aims to be the first seller of Brangus production animals in Bolivia by 2022

In terms of our Financial Instrument (the Finka Token) and partnering with leading players in the Crypto Valley in Zug, we are pleased to share that:

✅Our Tokens have been created on the CoreLedger platform

✅We’ve obtained our ISIN number CH0576241092), and in doing so are the very FIRST Swiss digital financial instrument to be identified directly with an ISIN 

 As far as distributing our tokens, we’ve achieved major milestones such as:

We’re excited to see what lies ahead in 2021, and are proud that notwithstanding the events of last year, we were able to make significant progress and achieve major milestones! We are looking forward to a year of growth and continued innovation. As the pioneers in the digital security token space, we hope our innovation will be copied and used for other assets such as land, gold, property, fine art etc. 
Finka Tokens can be purchased through the area2invest platform:, and potential investors can get in touch directly at The Finka token can also be clearly identified via its Swiss ISIN / VALOR number: CH0576241092 / 57624109⠀